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afbeelding van Jahmen

Jahmen's Quest Series of Marker Games

After the opening of MOULagain, I started building a series of marker quest games for the entire community to play.  I posted a topic about it back in December 2010 and have been slowly building content ever since.  It was developed and made for explorers that have completed all the Uru in-game content and enjoy working together in using marker text clues and solving puzzles.

This ambitious undertaking has really been an ongoing project since 2008, when I first Wrote the Age of Planet Dragonia for open source and incorporated the prologue of my story into a series of 12 journals, then creating marker games with the journals' content.

I recently completed the latest quest, Rocks, containing journals six, seven and eight, and I started a new topic in the MOUL forums here for players to discuss the games.  I believe I have enough made in the series for explorers to start playing through them.  I have also started a small website, Planet Dragonia, to help build interest and support.

I'm open to suggestions and help on getting the word out and organizing the playing of the Quest Series.

Jahmen Myst aka Jahmen

afbeelding van Niysiechka

The contest week in Russian Hood!

Have you noticed AlexVolt is occupying the entire score-list on Niysiechka's Hood imager?

Alright, guys! Enough sleeping!!! The contest week of "Surpass AlexVolt" has begun!

  1. Everyone can participate.
  2. Objective of the contest: Overtake and surpass AlexVolt!
  3. Objectives for Alex: Don't let anyone overtake or surpass your score!

To participate in this contest, go to our neighborhood (Niysiechka's Hood), and view our earned score from our Er'cana pellet points in the imager. To load your score, use the right holographic imager.  At the correct distance you will trigger the sensor. (You will hear the characteristic noise, and the symbol at the bottom of imager will flash with a blue light) On your KI and in the bottom right corner, a new image will appear (pellets floating over the water). Click on this symbol and your points will be fetched into the neighborhood's scoring list.

Keep in mind the properties of the imager's scoring:

  • It displays only 16 best results.
  • The remaining results are recorded but not shown.

Explorers of every country are invited take part of this challenge!!!

Contest starts at 11:00 KI time February 22, and ends at 11:00 KI time, February 29.

afbeelding van Nev'yn

Sherlock Holmes: "A Study In Scarlet"

Jaruku's Bevin proudly presents:

Sherlock Holmes

"A Study in Scarlet"

Beginning Feb.20, 2012 @ 18:00 Ki time there will be the reading to take place in Jakuru's Hood and will be listed in the Nexus on Mon. & Wed. of each week. The event will run for some time, perhaps a month or longer . The actors may also have a pleasant surprise planned for those who attend.

Normally, the book readings will be about an hour long. They will be utilizing Teamspeak, although you can also hear via Uru's client voice chat.  The instructions are posted on the MOULa forums at the link below. The installation is said to be both quick, and easy.

Hope to see you there!

D'ni locatie: 
Jakuru's Hood
Datum van de gebeurtenis: 
Herhaalt elke week iedere maandag en iedere woensdag tot don mrt 08 2012 .
februari 20, 2012 - 18:00
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ADBMM Sketch Comedy Week is Here!

It's Sketch Comedy Week for ADBMM. Rules and more info can be found below. Be sure to participate and join in even if you don't want to be a part of ADBMM.

Alright this week's contest is Sketch Comedy Week. In short, all you need to do is write a short joke or written sketch comedy featuring Myst characters, situations, objects, ages, and/or scenarios. This I think will be really funny. Unlike last week's contest you can enter as many entries as you like. Be sure to participate, even if you don't want to be a part of ADBMM be a part of this contest. The contest ends 11:59 PM PDT this Friday.

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afbeelding van Lunanne

Make One - Share One Contest

No guild of fine artists? That doesn't mean the creative side of the community isn't doing anything. On deviantart there are several Myst/Uru groups and (currently) the most active one is holding a contest!

The Myst-fanclub's Make one- Share one comptetion has been a very succesfull contest in the past and the idea is simple 

In Make One, Share One participants will create an art piece representing a character or element from their favorite Myst game. This can be in any visual media except animation or literature (drawings, paintings, models, embroidery, woodwork, bead work, etc. are fine). This is an opportunity for members to stretch their creative wings and to provide awards for future club-sponsored competitions.


The deadline is 21 May. See the link below for more information. To participate one must be a member of Deviantart and of the group, both are free >.>